Elissa's Personal Best
Elissa Hyman

Personal Training

Elissa designs customized workouts to meet your individual client needs and specific fitness goals. Workouts range from traditional weight and circuit training, to step aerobics, boot camp, pilates, and pre- and post-natal fitness as well as Body Weight, Core and Functional Training. 

Elissa trains men and women, ages 13 to 85. Her client base ranges from athletes in training, to brides on a mission -- from corporate executives and professional dancers, to new and expectant mothers.

Special Programs

Bridal Body Perfect

"Bridal Body Perfect" is a personalized exercise program designed for the bride-to-be based on body type, body weight, fitness goals and, of course, the style of the dress! Elissa understands what body parts the bride's dress will accentuate, and designs a "Bridal Body Perfect" workout program to make the Bride look and feel her best on her BIG day. When it comes to brides, Elissa never misses a deadline!


Elissacise™ is a specialized small group fitness program. The supervised program is offered at Elissa’s Personal Best Gym or in the privacy of your own home. The fitness group is limited to three to five clients with a range of classes including Abs, Thighs & Buns, Step Aerobics, High/Low  Aerobics, Pilates Mat, Boot Camp and more...

At-home Training

Elissa will tailor each workout to the space and equipment available in the comfort of your own home or private gym. Elissa will bring her unique brand of fitness to you.


A suspension bodyweight system designed to build core strength and muscular endurance. Private Instruction taught by Bonnie Benner.

Chi Strong/TRX

This program combines the principles of Chi Running/Chi Walking and Tai Chi with TRX. This "Body Weight" strength training class is designed for the endurance athlete and  will help you find the perfect posture for sport and life -while developing the muscular core strength for longevity. This class will be instructed by Joel IRON Matalon.




Elissa's Personal Best offers single session and package rates.

Please contact us for semi-private Pilates group class rates.

Personal Training

Single session:
5 pack:
$450 ($90/session)
10 pack: $850 ($85/session)
20 pack: $1500 ($75/session)

If a package is purchased after a single session, the $125 fee is waived, and the session is applied to the full package at the lower packaged-session rate.

Small Group Training

Gym Session: $140
(3 or 4 people)
Duet Gym Session:
10 pack/$1000 (2 people)
Home Small Group Session:
$200 (2-4 people)
Home Single Session: $150

Rates for at-home training vary depending on travel requirements,
and are available upon request.