Elissa's Personal Best
Elissa Hyman

I’ve been training with Elissa for four years and can’t say enough good things about her work style and expertise – and my results. Thanks to her, I’m stronger than I was in my 20s and early 30s... Since working with her I’ve taken (and greatly enjoyed) several challenging week-long biking and multi-sport trips that I never could have managed in the past.”  -- Barbara

Working out with Elissa is always fun. She tailors my sessions to my own favorite sets, plays great music, and even creates workouts I can do with my 11 year old daughter. And that's why she's called Elissa's "personal best!" -- Joanne

“There are trainers and there are trainers, and I have worked out with many of them over more than 25 years. Elissa has acquired a breadth of knowledge of fitness and physiology and has experience that is unsurpassed. It starts with her formal education in fitness (MA-Columbia University), which continues on an annual basis with seminar after seminar. Elissa’s vast knowledge base has given her the tools to create fitness programs that really work. There is a reason why Elissa enjoys clients that range from ages 18 to 80. We all have confidence that she will personally tailor a fitness program that is appropriate and that permits each of us to achieve our personal best every time.”  -- Andrea

“I've been working with Elissa for over 2 years and she never stops coming up with new routines. It's amazing how she is always able to shake things up and keep me motivated. She's enabled me to make exercise a constant part of my life.”  --Kerry

"I had a lot of work to do to get in shape for my wedding -- and I couldn't have done it without Elissa. Her energy is infectious, and she kept me motivated, excited and engaged in every work out. Though it's been some time since my wedding, Elissa has kept me on track and fit as ever. When we train, I know that each work out will be different from the next, customized to my body's needs, and always interesting. Elissa's skill is undeniable (I have my wedding photos to prove it!), but at the end of the day, her heart is what makes her truly special. She cares deeply about each of her clients: Elissa is invested not only in our health, but in the unique relationships she develops with each of us." --Jessica

"Sometime ago, I finally woke up and decided to take care of my health and on a recommendation from my doctor, I contacted Ms. Elissa Hyman to start the ball rolling. The training regiment I go through weekly, now four years in the making, has markedly improved my health and outlook. Elissa is an excellent motivator and makes the training sessions each week unique and challenging. You can’t help noticing her dedication and how she puts all her experience into play. But it doesn’t stop after your training session is over, she constantly sends emails out regarding various health issues she wants her clients to either follow or be aware of. Ms. Hyman is also always at the forefront of increasing her knowledge about health and training methods as she constantly attends various training seminars around the country and implants the newest techniques to her clients. On top of this all, she is quite personable and always a pleasure to deal with." --Anton

"I'm addicted to working out with Elissa. For the last 17 years, her workouts have been designed to challenge my abilities. I adore Elissa’s philosophy; my health and well being are worth every minute! Elissa’s training sessions have energized and inspired me to make exercise a part of my way of life." --Kim

"I have been training with Elissa for 15 years, since the gym opened. Each workout is different and draws on Elissa's deep knowledge of exercise physiology and her long-term experience as a trainer. Her work-outs are creative, challenging and varied. She puts her heart and soul into her work and it shows. Her clients span the age spectrum: from teenagers to those in their 80s, attesting to her ability to tailor programs to all needs." --Mary

"I started training with Elissa about a year and a half ago, and I couldn't be happier with my decision. I didn't want to join a gym, and after visiting other personal training facilities I knew they weren't for me. Too much attitude, too much hype. With Elissa I can work on getting into shape in a relaxed and comfortable environment. I choose the music I want to listen to during our sessions, and I get a great personalized work out. Elissa is my Personal Best!" --Betsy

"Move over Gillian, (The Biggest Loser), there's a new sheriff in town and her name is Elissa. You want to have screaming, lunacy and curbstone psychology, get another trainer. With Elissa, you will have hard work, results, extra effort, results, encouragement and results. You have finally come to the right place. Welcome. Her name is Elissa, and you already look fitter." --Micheal

"I have been training with Elissa for over two years now and she has changed my life and my body! Her routines are energetic and challenging and I don't think I have done the same routine twice! Elissa got me ready for my big day and she customized a program to get me into my backless wedding gown. She even gave me exercises to do when I was working out by myself and helped me get down to my goal weight. I was trim, toned and glowing on my wedding day! I have never felt as confident about my body. Elissa keeps me motivated to stay healthy and fit!" --Jess

"I have been a "Gym Rat" for over 20 years in New York and Elissa is my favorite trainer. We knew each other from The Vertical Club (now LA Sports) and lost touch when I moved to a different gym. I found her once again 5 years ago in my new neighborhood and we started to train again! I mentioned how much I missed her old step classes and with a glint in her eye she said "So, let's step again!" Where in NYC can you get a one-on-one step class choreographed to MY NEEDS, DESIRES and MUSIC! Only at "Personal Best"!!" --Jane


There is a reason why Elissa enjoys clients that range from ages 18 to 80. We all have confidence that she will personally tailor a fitness program that is appropriate and that permits each of us to achieve our personal best every time."

-- Andrea, New York City